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Toners, clarifying lotions, fresheners, and astringents are all basically the same type of product. Products labeled as “astringents” are considered to be OTC drugs. Toners vary in strength, drying ability, and alcohol content. They are made for four specific reasons:

1. They remove excess cleanser and residue from liquid cleansers.

2. They have a relatively low pH, helping to adjust the pH of the acid mantle after cleansing so it is not over stripped.

3. They provide a temporary tightening effect to both the skin and the individual follicle openings, helping to temporarily shrink the appearance of pores.

4. They can contain humectants that help hydrate the skin surface immediately after cleansing.

Product Profile: Toner for Oily and Combination Skin

Client and Skin Type This toner is designed for oily and combination skin. It is good for the client who develops clogs easily but still needs a hydrating moisturizer. Adult oily–combination skin will bene?t from this toner.

Product Characteristics This toner is a clear, water-based liquid. It should be applied with a dampened cotton pad, a sponge, or a soft cloth after using a rinse- able cleanser or cleansing milk, or it can be sprayed on to the skin with a ?ne- mist sprayer. (Sprayers have become popular for nonalcoholic toners because they are so convenient to use; because of possible accidental contact with the eyes, sprayers cannot be used for toners containing alcohol.) This toner, which has a lemon fragrance, makes the skin feel clean and toned but not dry. Pores do look smaller after using this product. Men can also use this product as an after- shave. It is a good product for men because it is not femininely fragranced and has enough astringent action for use after shaving. It helps constrict the follicles, which keeps the hair pointed in an outward direction so it does not become an ingrown hair by growing into the side of the follicle wall. The same astringent effect makes pores look smaller temporarily.

Chemical Action and Design The low pH in this toner is due to a combination of citric acid and lemon extract, which has an astringent action. It is blended into a liquid with mostly water, but it also contains a glycerin derivative, which is a humectant that helps restore water to dehydrated skin.

Product Profile: Toner for Extremely Oily Skin
Client and Skin Type This toner is made for skin that quickly becomes very oily and has very large pores that clog easily. Clients with this skin type rarely get dehydrated because their skin is so oily. These clients use a strong, rinseable cleanser for very oily skin (discussed earlier). This toner should be applied on a pre-dampened cotton pad or damp sponge.

Product Characteristics This toner is a water-based liquid that is used after cleansing milk or rinseable cleanser. It has a strong astringent action. It leaves the skin feeling very clean and tight. Application to dry skin would be too drying.

Chemical Action and Design This oily skin astringent contains plant extracts for oily skin as well as sulfur (a keratolytic peeling agent) and potassium alum (a strong astringent agent). These ingredients are in a base vehicle of water and propylene glycol, a hydrating agent.


Product Profile: Astringent for Acne-Prone Skin

Client and Skin Type This very strong astringent is made for in?amed acne and extremely oily skin. It is a good product for teenage acne, Grades II and III (see Chapter 15, Acne and the Esthetician).

Product Characteristics This astringent is a light-colored liquid with a strong medicinal (alcohol) odor. It is applied with a damp cotton ball after cleansing. It is very stripping, removes lots of sebum, and is very drying to the skin. It may burn or tingle slightly when applied, especially if applied to open acne lesions. Some extremely oily skin needs this much oil removal.

Chemical Action and Design This product is actually an over-the-counter drug. Isopropyl alcohol is the active ingredient for its astringent properties as well as its oil-stripping action. Isopropyl alcohol and water are the main ingredients in this liquid astringent. Witch hazel distillate provides astringent properties and temporary pore “tightening.” Camphor is included as a soothing agent.


Product Profile: Toner for Normal Skin

Client and Skin Type This toner is a medium-strength tonic designed for normal skin. It is for adult skin that basically needs moderate hydrating and has no particular problems.

Product Characteristics This toner is a liquid and has a very mild astringent action. It does not pull on the skin. It has a moist feeling when applied. It has a slight soothing effect on the skin. It is applied with cool, wet, cotton pads after cleansing.

Chemical Action and Design This is a very simple formula made with water, rosewater, propylene glycol (as a humectant), cucumber extract for soothing, and allantoin. It contains a smaller amount of witch hazel extract than do toners for oily skin.


Product Profile: Toner for Extra-Dry Skin

Client and Skin Type Dry, mature skin is the type of skin this toner will help. It has moisturizing properties and helps gently remove traces of cleanser from dry, sensitive skin. This type of dry skin can become so dehydrated due to lack of pro- tective sebum that the face becomes very tight even after a quite gentle cleanser. This toner is designed for dry skin that becomes tender after cleansing. This toner should be used after cleansing and applied with a cool, damp, cotton pad.

Product Characteristics This is a very moist toner, almost soft to the touch. It has practically no astringent action. It is designed to moisturize the skin with humectants that provide a buffer to prevent the skin from being stripped if the toner is used after cleansing.

Chemical Action and Design A large amount of butylene glycol provides humectant effects for the skin in this water-based, ?uid toner. Glycerin also has hydrating action on the surface of the dry skin. Extracts of chamomile, mallow, and corn?ower are included for their softening and soothing properties. This is an unusually moisturizing toner.



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